A day spent in Sam Sand Dunes, Jaisalmer

As the sun was setting and evening was approaching, the road towards Jaisalmer sand dunes became increasingly crowded. Many visitors left the hotel early to reach the dunes before sunset and secure a good spot for photography. We left our hotel a little earlier, along with our three-year-old daughter, as we had to visit one more destination, the Kuldhara village on the way. Read also:A visit to Kuldhara village, an abandoned village in Rajasthan (travellernook.com) 

Known as the “Golden City” of India, Jaisalmer is famous for its sand dunes. And there is no better way to experience their natural beauty than to take a trip into the heart of the Thar desert.https://ci4.googleusercontent.com/proxy/XTeiwGAaAjlsp2Tmbo_3NIshOF1_gyvMBx05djTgux2Vi50ZAA9hjj8KLCE8-g9Ud25wOsN-1LjDsAA9vI7HHab9WDWNloW8yFDGGukfTxsDZQ=s0-d-e1-ft#https://travellernook.com/media/uploads/img_20190307_184106.jpg

 Once we left the city, we found roads almost traffic free, and all we could see was barren desert with a few houses built from golden sandstone. The houses shone like gold in proper sunlight. As we were engrossed in the view, the constant honking of cars heading towards the Sam Sand Dunes disturbed us. As we neared our destination, the roads became congested with cars, and we could see billboards and posters advertising attractive offers from hotels and resorts in the area, inviting tourists to spend a day in the desert.

Once we reached the dunes, we were surprised to see that many people had arrived much earlier in the proper sunlight, meaning the hot weather. Some of them had hired a jeep to explore the desert, while the majority of tourists chose camel safari to enjoy the sand dunes. A few visitors sat on the sand, waiting for the sun to set. However, all of them had one goal in mind~ to capture the best shot of the sunset. My daughter seemed to be having the best time in the sand as she played with the sand and the camel.

Then came the moment everyone was waiting for - the sunset. Everyone who was busy clicking their picture or taking selfies with the sand or camel or locals, got attracted towards the setting sun. The view of the sun hiding behind the sand made people forget about taking selfies, and all of them started clicking pictures of the sun. It seemed like there was a competition among revellers to take the best shot of the sun. Once the sun had set, everyone started heading towards their hotel. A few chose to spend the night in tent houses under the moonlight along with the Rajasthan culture music. However, we skipped this program for next time.


If you want to travel to Jaisalmer, there are a few things you must know:

When to visit Jaisalmer:

The best time to visit Jaisalmer is during the cooler months (October to February). However, I went there last March when the place was less crowded.

How to travel:

All modes of transportation are available from Delhi.

By flight: There is a direct flight from Delhi to Jaisalmer airport, which is 17 kilometers away from the main city (Book now).

By train: There is a direct train from Delhi to Jaisalmer, which takes around 17-18 hours to reach the city (Book Now).

By road: You can go by bus or even by your own car. The distance between the two cities is around 775 kilometers and takes 14-15 hours.

What more can one do in Jaisalmer sand dunes:

Do visit nearby villages to experience the local culture and lifestyle of the people. One can try traditional Rajasthani food, such as dal-baati-churma and ker-sangri.

Must-do activities in Sam sand dune:

Spend a night at the sand dunes and experience the star-filled sky.

Activities in Sam sand dune:

Camel Safari: The camel safari is the best way to explore the sand dunes.

Jeep Safari: It is a faster way of exploring the desert.

Camping: Spending a night in the desert can be a memorable experience.

Hot Air Balloon Ride: One can also take a hot air balloon ride over the sand dunes.




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