A journey to Niagara

Nature seems to have been very generous to the Niagara region, blessing it with a stupendous falls, wineries and much more

Just around two hours’ drive from Canada’s bustling city of Toronto, one will land in the Niagara region. The region is a tourist hub for several reasons, be it its 70 wineries along the wine route or its quaint town Niagara-on-the-lake that will welcome you with its enticing boutiques, charming inns and beautiful gardens and of course the largest waterfall in the world ~ Niagara Falls. While the falls are the first stop to any visit to the region, the place has everything to attract tourists from all over the world. Feel the water spray at the Niagara Falls on a boat tour, take a journey behind the falls, get a breathtaking view from above on a helicopter ride or dine
in a revolving restaurant overlooking the falls at the Skylon Tower. All these make the region a must visit place for every tourist, who is on a visit to Canada or wants to visit the country.

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Niagara by helicopter
Our first encounter with Niagara Falls began with the helicopter, and looking at the waterfall from helicopter was like a lifetime experience for all of us. I won’t hesitate to say there is no better place than over the Niagara Falls. It defiantly met all expectation and more! The six-seater helicopter, in only ten minutes, took us to every major site of Niagara Falls. The aerial view from helicopter is a combination of both adventure with awe-inspiring views, which is
unparallel. Without hesitation I would recommend this and I would also jump at the chance to do it again. At the end of the flight we were only too eager to purchase a huge photo of us in the helicopter with pictures of the falls surrounding us.

Maid of the Mist
The experience of the great falls from a helicopter heightened our eagerness to feel the Niagara from near. And only Maid of the Mist could fulfill this desire. The boat took us to the falls for an
up-close view. One can only experience the full force and fury of the falls from the bottom. The tour operators provide plastic rainwear, but be prepared to get soaked nevertheless. All points in the boat are good for viewing since the vessel makes a loop. Truly an experience not to be missed. But make sure your camera and other electronic gadget don’t get wet.

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Journey behind the falls
If visiting Niagara Falls, don't miss this attraction. It is literally an elevator ride to around 150 feet behind and beneath the falls. Then you can read the history on the walls, as you walk through the tunnels to feel the rage of the falls. Outdoor observation decks put you just feet from the edge of the falls. The experience is unbelievable. Prepare to get soaked, even though you are provided with plastic rain gear.

Meal with a view
Not only its falls, the region offers a mouthwatering cuisine too by their celebrity chefs. At the same time, the stunning view of Niagara Falls is an ingredient that makes dining at the falls an experience to remember. If you are looking for fine dining at its best or want to relax with some delicious casual fare, then your journey will end at the restaurant of hotel Sheraton Windows. It is the place where one can enjoy a meal by chef Jamie Kennedy, who uses local organic ingredients for a true farm-to-table experience along with the extraordinary view. There is also Skylone Tower, which is a revolving restaurant 775 feet above the falls. Or Elements restaurant, with a beautiful view of the Niagara.

For kids
There is a lot to do for children also at the falls. The Niagara Falls has a veritable theme park with ultra tall buildings (Skylon Tower), water parks inside hotels, Ferris wheels and kids-friendly restaurants (Clifton Hill), the Butterfly Conservatory, Marineland and let’s not forget the falls!

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