Adventure activities at Blue Mountain village

If it is fun or adventure one seeks, then Blue Mountain Village beckons. Here you have to choose your own adventure and the staff at Activity Central (that takes care of adventure activities in the village) will introduce you to a whole new world of activities and recreation. The place offers Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster, Timber Challenge High Ropes, Zip Lining, Open Air Gondola, Mountain Biking, Plunge Aquatic Center and list goes on. Whether you want to invest an entire day, or just want to sneak in something quick before dinner, you will find every adventure here. Though we wanted to try out each of them, being short of time we tried only Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster. This takes riders on an exhilarating coaster ride as it twists and turns down the mountain thorough varied terrain. Here riders can control their speed and enjoy the stunning views of Georgian Bay and surrounding Niagara Escarpment.

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Timber Challenge High Ropes 

This features suspension bridges, ladders, cargo nets, zip lines and more, Reaching 50 ft above the forest floor, the timber challenge winds through the canopy with awe-inspiring views and breathtaking heights.  One caveat is that this high rope course is quite challenging physically, so it might not be a good idea to try it after an indulgent night of food and drink.

Open Air Gondola 
If you want the view from the top of the mountain without having to work for it then it will solve your purpose. It will take you to a scenic ride to the top of the Escarpment.  

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Scenic caves
A description of Blue Mountain would be incomplete without talking about Scenic Caves. This is one of Canada's great natural wonders and is located at the highest part of the Niagara Escarpment. It gives a chance to trek thorough the mysterious caves and caverns that were formed over the course of hundreds of millions of years of ice movement. In an hour long trip we ventured deep inside the mountain, explored a labyrinth of caves and crevices. Here one could end up exploring places like Natural Refrigerator, Ice Caves that are frozen round the year, Lovers Rest, Fat Man's Misery, the narrowest spot of 36 centimeter, Ekarenniondi, a marked path to the mysterious underworld or the hidden natural fortress which sheltered the Petun people from their enemies or the longest suspension footbridge in Ontario (126 metres long). In fact, there is a lot more to explore. 

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Eco adventure 
Since the whole area of Blue Mountain Resort is known for adventure sports, there were several activities being conducted in this 200-year-old forest. The most prominent is Zip Lining, the longest zip trip covering more than  half-mile and dropping a dizzying 48 meters from the cliff top to earth. It is a little scary but a must try. Clipped to a cable you soar from one location to the next.

Scandinave Spa 
After all this trekking in Scenic Caves and adventure activities at Blue Mountain Village resort, a visit to the spa was justified. We stopped at Scandinave Spa. Just a few minutes drive from downtown Collingwood and Blue Mountain Resort and nestled in a natural forest setting, the spa will cleanse your body and mind with its hot baths and refreshing cold plunges.

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