Escaping the chaos: My experience of peak season in Mussoorie, the Queen of Hills

Last year, when an official assignment gave me a chance to visit Dehradun, I tried to take out some time from my busy schedule to visit the hill station of Mussorie. Of course, who could miss visiting such a beautiful hill station, which is situated just around 30 kilometers and a two-hour drive away from the city? However, the hotel staff where I stayed discouraged me from going there, citing the peak season and the inability to enjoy what I was going for. However, being someone who belongs to plain areas, it was not easy for me to give up, so I started my journey to Mussorie, also known as the queen of the hills.

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As I headed towards the hill, I found myself surrounded by other cars, and the traffic increased as I got closer to the hill station. I couldn't help but remember the advice of the hotel staff. When we reached near the hill station, there was a long queue of cars. It took almost three hours to reach the city from Dehradun. Somehow, I asked the driver to find a place to park the car and decided to explore the hill station on foot.

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As I stepped out of the car, I saw people everywhere. It was like a sea of tourists. The only thing that gave me solace was the beautiful weather with fog. Everywhere, there was a crowd of tourists. On the mall road, the heart of the hill station, people were jostling for space. I saw many people who were bound to catch a train or bus from Dehradun, running or walking quickly along with their luggage to escape the traffic of the hill station. Then, I thought that is it worth enduring so much inconvenience to spend time in such a crowded place? Then, my driver came and advised me to leave the place as soon as possible if I wanted to reach Dehradun on time. Without wasting any time, I agreed, and we headed back to the plains, carrying only the unpleasant memories of the city. The only solace I found in today's journey was enjoying the weather.

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